A LIBRARY and museum have been opened in Sindlesham, which will allow residents to learn about freemasonry in Berkshire.

The library and museum is at the Berkshire Masonic Centre in Sindlesham and was opened by Anthony Howlett-Bolton, the leader of Berkshire Freemasons on Friday, May 3.

Councillor John Kaiser, the Mayor of Wokingham and Sir David Wootton a senior leader of the Berkshire Mason also attended the opening.

The library and museum contains Masonic memorabilia and publications and is open to anyone who wants to understand more about Freemasonry.

Anthony Howlett-Bolton, the leader of the Berkshire Masons, said: “We are extremely grateful to Robin White for his very thoughtful legacy, it has enabled us to create this wonderful Library which has built upon his knowledge and passion for Masonic History.

"I hope all those who interested or wish to find out about Freemasonry come and see this collection.”

The library has over 20,000 books on freemasonry including many rare editions, making the collection one of the largest in England.

In addition to books there are over 3,000 certificates, prints, postcards, photographs, archival items and a stamp collection.

Cllr John Kaiser believes the library and museum has created a great place to document freemasonry.

He added: “The refurbishment has created a superb facility in Sindlesham that documents Freemasonry in Berkshire. I’m sure that people will find it fascinating to see this history in such wonderful setting.”

Other items in the museum include a rare masonic chamber pot, a bust of Albert Prince of Wales, furniture and Masonic badges and regalia.

Sir David Wootton, one of the senior leaders of English Freemasons, said: “This Museum and Library looks wonderful, and making the facilities open to all will greatly enhance the understanding of Freemasonry.”

For more information, visit: https://www.berkspgl.org.uk/.