A FITNESS studio in Bracknell is celebrating the success of one of their members competing in their first power lifting competition.

55-year-old Christine, who trains at the Best Life Basics fitness studio in the Forest Park Community Centre reached her personal best on 2 lifts, including the squat and deadlift during the South Midlands Power Lifting competition.

Best Life Basics was created by Marla Murry and its programme called Ladies Learn To Lift.

Marla believes that not many women know about the positive outcomes of the sport and she was very proud of Christine after training her, Christine is just over 5ft tall and weighs 67kg.

Marla said: “For me I was so excited for Christine because I knew this is something she’s talked about for a few years.

"I was very honoured that she stuck with me through out the years, as there were times when due to health she was unable to train as much, and we just had to slow it down, and I had to program much lighter exercises to accommodate her situation.

“I think many would have given up when faced with these challenges, but not Christine, she just stuck with it and kept coming back.”

The studio opened in September last year and aims to teach women how to weight lift and introduce them to the advantages of lifting.

The benefits of lifting include improving bone density, helping reduce body fat, improving strength of muscles, ligaments and tendons and improving body confidence as well as wellbeing.

One on one lessons are provide to everyone who attends the studio, with everyone assigned an exercise program compatible with their current skills.

For more information about the classes and the studio, visit: http://www.bestlifebasics.co.uk/.