WHAT on earth do you with a BA in English? How do you find your purpose in life and do you ever wish you could go back to college and be young again? These are just a few things that we can all relate to when we're growing up, but taking a trip down to Avenue Q might just solve that problem.

This dynamic puppet play packs a punch with its X-rated songs, energetic scenes and a cast of talented performers.

Avenue Q returned to the stage at South Hill Park on Tuesday, May 7 making audiences roll with laughter and learn about what the meaning is to life.

The show is essentially an X-rated version of Sesame Street, with plenty of life lessons but turned up a notch. Created by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez, best known for writing the songs for the hugely popular Disney's Frozen and co-creating the Book of Mormon, the master duos know exactly how to create a show that is undeniably funny and worth your time.

Laughter was projected across the theatre as explicit jokes were made and there was one scene in particular that you will never be able to unsee. The audience were giggling and crying with laughter - it was comedy gold.

The puppeteers purposefully reflected the facial expressions and mannerisms of the puppet's characters, they were plainly obvious to the audience, yet when Nicky and Rod were disputing over their feelings towards one another, you couldn't help but feel sympathetic towards Nicky's dismay.

Trekkie Monster boasts an incredible character when he interrupts Kate Monster, singing The Internet is for Porn and Stephen Penstone does an excellent job of bringing him to life.

All of the characters have a strong stage presence and perform with such a buzz that it leaves you feeling really good about yourself.

Just like the professional touring production, EBOS -  an amateur society based in Wokingham put on a fantastic show and their hardwork and energy reflected that on the simply designed stage set.

As audiences cheered to the opening first night of the show, I left the theatre with a smile on my face and humming the songs on the car journey home, it totally exceeded expectations.

Tickets range from £19 to £21 and are available online at southhillpark.co.uk or call the box office on 01344484123.