OVER 10 local foster families are urgently needed to join the 46 Wokingham Borough Council fostering homes.

Ahead of the annual national Foster Care Fortnight, which runs from May 13 to May 26 the borough council want to reach out to would-be foster carers for teenagers, asylum seeking and disabled children who desperately need foster carers in the borough.

The council are always on the hunt for homes for the 100 plus children and young people currently in care with its own council carers first.

Councillor Pauline Helliar-Symons, executive member for children's services, said: “We’d like to find local homes for all our children and encourage more local residents to come and talk to us about how fostering can change lives.”

Cllr Pauline believes that foster caring is rewarding.

She added: “Our foster carers find fostering enormously rewarding. Children go into foster care for all sorts of reasons, usually not their own fault, but the work our foster carers do gives youngsters a happier and more supported life.

“We are really grateful to them and value them enormously. Please give some thought as to whether you could be one of these special people.”

Foster carers Steve an Monika couldn’t see themselves doing anything different.

Steve said: “Since joining Wokingham Borough Council as a foster carer, three years ago, we feel part of a big family.

“We used to foster for an agency and nearly gave up because of the lack of support. Looking after young people in care is challenging but we can't see us doing anything else after seeing what a positive impact we have on their lives.”

During Foster Care Fortnight, the council will be holding a drop-in information day on Thursday, May 23 at the Diamond Jubilee Room in Wokingham Town Hall.

At the event foster carers will share their experiences and discuss the positive life changes created for the children and young people involved.

For more information, visit: www.fostering.wokingham.gov.uk.