STUDENTS from a school in Ascot have been taking part in Roman activities and been given ancient silver Roman coins at the site of an excavated Roman Palace.

Year four boys from the Papplewick School in Ascot have been training with Roman soldiers at the Fishbourne Palace, near Chichester in West Sussex.

Acting as new recruits they will take part in the activities across two years and will be given one sestertius per day, which is an ancient silver coin.

Tom Bunbury, Headmaster at Papplewick School, said: “The boys always enjoy this visit; it really brings Roman culture to life.”

The boys first drill required them to march in formation and taste a Roman meal including bread, cheese, olives, pickled carrots and dried apple. They also learned how to write their names in Latin.

Fishbourne Palace is the site of an excavated Roman Palace, with remains of mosaic floors, ruins of the Palace's baths and gardens.