RADIO DJ Chris Evans’ plans to build 14 luxury apartments at the site of his dilapidated Ascot mansion have hit another stumbling block – and this time it is because of bats.

Last month the News reported Sunninghill and Ascot Parish Council’s objection to the plans after it determined the apartments’ building would be “inappropriate development in the green belt”.

Now an ecology expert from the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM) has piled on yet more problems for the millionaire.

This comes after the RBWM officer claimed the site is “used by roosting bats”, and therefore the proposals would harm the small mammals.

Plans can now only go ahead if the applicants agree to a number of conditions after the officer suggested action needed to be taken so the bats are not disturbed.

Works can not begin until applicants gain a licence which gives them permission to commence development works from Natural England.

According to the officer’s report, this condition ensures bats are not harmed by the impact of the proposed development.

Another condition outlined how homes cannot be occupied until bird and bat boxes and wildlife-friendly landscaping is introduced to ensure biodiversity around the site.

Applicants must also submit an environmental management plan which includes risk assessments and more important details which relating protect wildlife around the site.

Inspections of the site found it was also suitable for nesting birds, great crested newts and reptiles.

There are ‘historical records’ of badgers, stag beetles, grass snakes, hedgehogs and swift at the site too.

The proposal involves knocking down the derelict eight-bedroom house which currently occupies the site on Church Lane in Sunninghill.

Eight of the 14 apartments would be three-bedroom homes and the other six would be two-bedroom dwellings, all of which are expected to fetch millions of pounds on the market.

RBWM has received three letters from nearby residents objecting to the plans, including one from Adrian Newey, chief technical officer of Red Bull Racing F1 team.

The application is currently pending consideration.