RESIDENTS are outraged after a park playground was randomly set alight in broad daylight. 

Great Hollands Park in Bracknell shot up in flames after it is alleged, a group of teenagers set it on fire.

Fire crews from Bracknell fire station arrived on the scene and were putting out the fire for about 35 minutes.

A Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue spokesman said: "At 4.26pm on Thursday, April 25 we received a call to a report of an outdoor fire on a recreational ground in Great Hollands, Bracknell.

"A crew from Bracknell Fire station was sent to the scene.

"The crew used a hose reel to extinguish the small fire that was underneath a slide in the play area. They were on the scene for around 35 minutes."

Councillor Dr Peter Hill said: "Everyone I have spoken to are understandably disgusted that this has happened.

"Thankfully the town council are fantastic and will have it fixed ASAP. But, this flooring is expensive and the repair will eat up public funds that could be spent elsewhere."

It is currently unknown as to how much damage was caused by the fire.

A council spokesman said: "Bracknell Town Council are disappointed to report that on the evening of 24th April 2019 the safety surfacing around the large slide at the Jurassic Park Play area in Great Hollands was set on fire. 

"Our staff have been on site today Friday 26th April 2019 and have made the area safe but unfortunately the slide will be out of action over the weekend. Further work will be completed in the coming week to replace the damaged surfacing.

"We are pleased to report that the slide has scorch marks but is not damaged. 
Bracknell Town Council works hard to maintain its numerous play areas around Bracknell and it is disappointing both for Staff and Residents when the actions of a few stop the enjoyment of the park for other users.

"Bracknell Town Council request if you have any relevant information, please contact 01344 420079."