A COUNCILLOR has expressed his concerns over the impact Brexit will have on businesses thriving in the town.

Bracknell Forest Council's champion for business, Councillor Bob Wade said how smaller retailers are facing pressure to keep their businesses intact, ahead of increasing costs.

Cllr Wade issued a report on the impact of Brexit on Bracknell businesses at last nights full council meeting on April 24.

He said: "Sadly, the Brexit debate continues with no clear path ahead.

"It was never going to be easy, but the uncertainty on the economy can only be surmised."

Changes to retail were also discussed, with there being added pressure on high street shops due to the increasing costs and challenges of online shopping.

Cllr Wade added: "Whilst we understand there is no quick fix for the high street, it is clear something needs to be done to lessen the pressure on small firms struggling to keep their heads above water.

"The traditional high street is changing. Small retailers are facing increasing costs and the challenge of the internet. "On top of this, the loss of banking and post office services have added to their woes."

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However, Bracknell Forest has benefitted from The Lexicon and the business champion has confidence the town will thrive despite these added 'pressures'.

The Lexicon is ranked as 33rd best shopping destination in the UK, recently opening big brands such as TK Maxx, Matalan and Las Iguanas.

Residents perceptions of the town has also changed, with many seeing it as better place to shop at than ever before, according to his report.

Councillor Wade said: "Added to all this, the 'Brexit Effect' does not augur well for the next 12 months. However, on a very positive note, The Lexicon has been largely unaffected by some of the major closures and downsizing occurring nationally."

Housing was also a key issue discussed in the report, with 'affordable' housing is still a major challenge for new businesses' employees.

The availability of affordable homes and/or a good road network with parking provision could frustrate the expansion of new and existing businesses.

He added: "Consumer spending has driven the economic recently and has itself been supported by increases in real income growth. But the housing market has cooled, and further rises in household borrowing may be hard to sustain due to uncertainties regarding Brexit."