A GROUP of delegates travelled to Brussels for a conference to celebrate the history of its European ties ahead of the European Parliament Elections next month.

On April 2 to 3, members of the Bracknell Leverkusen Twinning Association, which was founded in 1973, visited Brussels, along with representatives of Leverkusen's other twin towns in eastern Germany.

As a twin town of Leverkusen in Germany, the project raised key questions as to whether we should remember the wars from the past and to recognise the difference in history of Bracknell from its European ties.

The project showed how UK can learn from its European ties for the future.

Maggie Stock, member of the Bracknell Twinning Association, said: "It was generally agreed we should develop a critical remembrance culture across Europe, respect our different perspectives, focus on what unites us and build solidarity and a common European identity."

The two day event brought into focus the role of Europe's citizens in defining the future of the European Union and Europe.

Dimitris Avramopoulos, European commissioner for home affairs, said: "In these increasingly tumultuous times that we live in, we need to continue paying tribute to the struggles of our predecessors.

"At the same time, we hear more and more voices that wish to divide us. It is only through collective European actions that we can provide solutions to citizens concerns and challenges."

A panel discussion then discussed the future of UK and its European ties, coming to the agreement that citizens have a say in deciding how they want the EU to go forward, despite Brexit uncertainties.

The 'History Defines our Future' theme was further developed to see how it can reach younger generations to promote the act of remembrance, over key historic events such as colonialism, the Holocaust and Stalinism.

Dimitris added: "Do not ignore history, history defines our future if we ignore it."