An UNFORESEEN play that tackles the issues of male domestic abuse will be coming to South Hill Park in Bracknell.

Tulips shows the story of two men who have experienced domestic abuse from their female partners and how they can overcome this.

Audiences are encouraged to make a decision when watching the play, as they can decide who is in the wrong while watching the couples arguing.

Everyone will at first assume it is the men.

Michael Beakhouse, writer and producer, said: "The medias done commendable work in raising awareness of domestic abuse against women, which plays a part in helping people to identify and end it. 

"There is not as much coverage for male survivors though - but we hope that if people come to see our play, we can help to address that." 

Following the BBC documentary 'Abused By My Girlfriend', the play is supported by Mankind Initiative who are the leading national support service for male abuse victims.

Tulips is touring in areas across the South East, as figures show The Thames Valley have higher-than-average numbers of men who have experience domestic abuse.

Statistics show 28 per cent of victims reporting to the police in Berkshire are male, compared to just 19 per cent of the national average.

The point of the play is to look at how male domestic is treated in society and why there is still a lack of men who speak out about being hurt by their partners.

The play, Tulips, tries to tackle and break down this view by tackling masculinity and showing that it is okay for men to seek help.

The performance takes place from May 15 to 18 at The Studio Theatre in South Hill Park.

Visit: for tickets.