ANIMAL lovers will get the chance to interact with cute and cuddly pets, without having the need to 'impulsively' buy a rabbit for Easter.

Pets at Home will be hosting a My Pet Pals workshop, during the Easter Holidays from April 6 to April 28 in stores across Berkshire.

Children will get to take part in the activity and learn about what it takes and the responsibility behind caring for an animal.

However, the retailer has announced it will not be selling bunnies during the easter break due to people impulse buying. 

The national pet shop chain says ‘pester power’ can lead to families heading to the store to buy a bunny over the Easter break

Dominic Holman, store manager at Reading Pets at Home, said: "The My Pet Pals workshops demonstrate how rewarding pets can be and how to care for them, making sure parents and kids understand pet welfare and responsible pet ownership.

Guinea pigs, gerbils and rabbits will be shown to kids and a staff member will show them tips on how to look after them, while interacting safely too.

Workshops will cover five of the welfare needs for an pet, such as shelter, food and water, good health, company and the right living environment.

Dominic added: "It is a great way of learning how to keep small furries happy and healthy during a fun and hands-on experience."

The store has also suspended the sale and adoption of rabbits from Good Friday to Easter Monday due to their popularity of the Easter celebration.

The retailer has pledged to make steps towards educating people about buying or adopting a pet as there is a lot of responsibility and care needed for the animals - not just for fun.

The free workshops take place at 11.30am in Pets at Home stores across Berkshire.