A TEACHER at a school in Ascot has offered some advice to students preparing for GCSE’S and A levels this summer.

James Paterson, Head of Psychology at LVS Ascot and former and UK Memory Champion has put together a set of tips to help students prepare for exams.

They include not worrying about getting practice questions wrong or not immediately hitting target grades, practicing as much as possible, visualising information in a place you know well and having time to switch off from revising.

The advice comes as Year 11 pupils at the school are celebrating their GCSE maths success, having sat their exams early and achieving excellent results.

A total of 105 students took the subject early and over a third gained the equivalent of an A* or A and 88 per cent achieved a C or above equivalent.

Earlier in April revision strategies were discussed with parents at a special talk at the independent all-ability school.

Mr Paterson helped parents in attendance to determine good revision techniques from less effective ones. He also explained the facts about learning and memory that psychology research has uncovered.