AN INDEPENDENT business owner in Wokingham says that the town’s Peach Place regeneration will 'Improve infostructure' in the town.

38-year-old James Mattingley owns Sit & Sip Tasting Room alongside his farther, the new bar is due to open in the courtyard of the Peach Place development.

Mr Mattingley used to live in Early and attended Reading Blue Coat School, he believes that the regeneration will improve the infrastructure of the town.

He said: “Wokingham still has that feel of a very traditional market town.

“You can feel that when you’re here, it’s got a very good community feel and a nice social vibe to it."

James has always lived near Wokingham and has seen it being developed.

He added: “As someone who has either lived in or near Wokingham for so long, I have seen how its developed with all of the new housing, but it has fallen behind in other ways.

“The population has grown but the infrastructure hasn’t caught up.

“That’s what the regeneration is doing, it’s about offering something to residents that matches what Wokingham is all about, particularly with the number of houses that are being built.”

The Sit & Sip bar will serve craft beers from local brewers as well as artisan spirits created by small family businesses.

The new Wokingham town square at Peach Place is on track to open this month and residents can visit the new square this weekend ahead of its opening.