A BOY from Binfield has given £1,500 to his cousin after completing a 5k race to help her deal with a muscular condition.

Harry Clark decided to participate in the Run for Chocolate race to raise money for the Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP) Friend’s charity.

FOP is a rare genetic condition, which causes bones to form in muscles and other connective tissues making it difficult for the person to move.

Harry's cousin Isla suffers from the condition and has locked arms, a bent spine and almost no movement in her neck and shoulders.

The six-year-old presented his cousin with balloons with the amount of money he had raised written on them.

His mother Janine Clark, said: "Harry took Isla some balloons made up of the FOP Friends charity colours and on the front of the gold star balloon it is written £1,500 for FOP.

"Isla very sweetly had made Harry her own special medal for his efforts."

The six-year-old hopes that a cure can be found within Isla's lifetime.

Janine added: "Harry is a very lively boy who can run around and do everything and he just wants to do something to help his cousin."

Harry completed the race on on Sunday, March 17 where he more than beat his £500 target.