EXCITING, tasty and packed full of flavour - Las Iguanas in Bracknell offers a totally unique experience to eating out at The Lexicon.

There is something really appealing about eating food which has a story behind it and the new Latin American restaurant, with its wide menu choice offers just that.

As soon as you step inside, there is an exciting mood with music echoing the room creating a fun and relaxed vibe.

The atmosphere suits any occasion, as they offer a fantastic range of cocktails, with a 2-for-1 deal making it perfect for any excuse to gather the troops for a night out.

Food-goers will expect to find a variety of food, from Brazilian, Peru and Mexican - I wished I hadn't played it safe with my choice, because there was so much food on the menu that I would love to try.

For starters, I opted for the flavoursome honey peri-peri chicken wings, which were perfectly cooked and had the right amount of chicken on.

It can be quite hard to find the perfect chicken wing at a restaurant, because sometimes there is not enough meat or they are too dry, but these were succulent and saucy.

My partner chose the vegan Fiesta Ensalada, which came with a range of colourful vegetables and flavours proving how the menu meets a range of dietary requirements.

I was stuck in two minds when it came to dinner because there were so many options to choose from! In the end, our helpful waitress Tania said I should choose the Chicken Enchilada as they are 'definitely a good choice'. I was not disappointed.

The meal came with spicy chicken, pepper, onion & cheese in a rolled tortilla wrap, with smoky chipotle sauce, on a bed of spring onion rice and refried beans.

I would only say that the cheese would have been better if there was a little less of it, or it was crisped up a bit more, as I felt it was overpowering the flavours inside the enchilada.

Nevertheless, the textures of the chicken and vegetables was really nice, and the flavours complemented really nicely.

My partner chose a vegan burrito bowl with smoky Chipotle pulled jack fruit and he was really happy with it.

For desert, I had to go for the classic churros dipped with the dulce de leche sauce.

There was a balance of sweet and slightly savoury with the warm donut like texture of the churros, which the caramel sauce enhanced really well.

Offering a wide variety of food to suit any dietary need and taste, the restaurant really offers something unique to the food scene and with its extensive drinks menu - everyone can be satisfied.

Overall, I highly rate this restaurant and would definitely come back again.