More than 100 residents have voiced their concerns at plans for 77 apartments to go up in three buildings at the car park on Denmark Street in Wokingham.

The proposals include demolishing the three 1980s office buildings and taking over the privately owned car park currently sitting at the site in order to redevelop it as a residential development.

The homes will be divided into 36 one-bedroom apartments, 38 two-bedroom apartments and three 3-bedroom apartments which developers claim are able to house up to six people.

A planning report claimed: “It provides important new homes in a sustainable town centre location, supporting the local town centre economy and meeting the stated regeneration objectives of Wokingham Borough Council (WBC).”

But more than 100 residents have written to the council giving their thoughts on the plans, raising concerns on a number of issues.

In a letter submitted to WBC, resident Ian Hydon wrote: “Denmark Street is often at a standstill as it is, the increase in yet more traffic is ridiculous, the proposed loss of most of the Denmark St car park also will mean difficulties for people finding car parking spaces and therefore they won't want to visit the town meaning a direct loss to the already overburdened traders and shop owners.”

Andrew Kelly added: “Simply put, this is a bad idea... If this were to go ahead, there would be a net loss of 80 to 90 car park spaces in an already crowded town. In addition, the disruption associated with such a major project would be a body blow to a town centre already recovering from 2 years of intensive works.

“Enough is enough unless the council (or developers) can provide undertakings to replace the lost parking spaces before the Denmark Street car park is built over, thus ensuring no net loss of parking during the building period and thereafter, then this application represents the final nail in the coffin of our town centre as a commercial centre.”

Up to 88 car parking spaces are planned for the 77 apartments, with 10 of these coming from an area leased by Wokingham Borough Council.

The other 78 spaces are located within the private below ground car park, which includes five disabled spaces.

But cars will only be able to get into the building’s car park through an entry point at the land owned by WBC and via land adjacent to the Lord Raglan pub.

Four trees are set to be knocked down as part of the plans as they were deemed “unsuitable for long term retention”, but a number of new trees could go up in their place as part of the landscaping of the housing site.

Resident-only gardens will be fixed between the three new buildings, with lawns, grasses, shrubs and trees ”providing structure and year round interest”.

All flats come with timber-decked balconies, with some having two, and ground floor balconies extend out to become private terraces with planting in beds nearby.

A consultation period on the plans runs until Wednesday, April 24.