A CHARITY who provide services to support senior citizens has announced a 'major refurbishment' of its day centre.

The COATS charity in Pinewood Avenue, Crowthorne, runs a centre for residents to come together and enjoy lunch and entertainment.

In 2018, the charity served more than 100 individuals with over 4500 freshly cooked meals, in order to encourage companionship.

John Barnes, chairman of trustees, said: "Our premises at Pinewood Avenue have served us and the community well over the years, but are now beginning to show their age and are in need of refurbishment. "

The charity announced they will be renovating the building through its 'Better COATS programme', with a new roof, more inside space, better technological equipment and improvements to its toilets.

Works will begin in May 2019, and the building promises to have a 'new look'. offering more natural light inside, more space for activities and events and better access into its centre.

John added: "Working with architects and builders we have come up with a plan of improvements to our building that will support our future vision for COATS and allow us to offer even more to our community."

The charity has been running for 50 years, and has run its day centre for the last 15 years providing a space for senior citizens to come together.