FORMER Wokingham Town Mayor and Councillor John Peter Green died last week after serving the Wokingham Town Council between 1981 and 1991.

Councillor John Green was an active member of Wokingham committees including being Vice Chairman of the Planning Committee and Town Mayor.

His achievements as Wokingham Town Mayor include founding the Greenvale Stroke Club of Wokingham, who provide support for stroke victims and their families and are now known as the Wokingham Stroke Club and launching a pressure group to save 18 beds at a Hospital.

Cllr John also served the Wokingham Borough Council for 21 yeas as well as being Chairman of Council.

He retired in Devon with his wife and become a Chairman of the Patients Participation Group for the Waterside Medical Practice in Ilfracombe.

In his retirement he enjoyed doing varies things including reading, swimming, music, art and opera.