THE COUNCIL is set to sell off two pieces of land - at Winkfield Manor and at a commercial property in Binfield.

More property at Waterside Park, Binfield, could be sold after Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) agreed to sell one of its commercial units at the site for more than £1 million in October 2018.

‘Unit C’ has now also been listed for proposed sale.

The plan to sell this property has been disclosed on BFC website because it is expected to generate more than £400,000 for the authority.

Last year The News reported the council’s intention to sell the properties at the site despite having purchased for the Waterside Park estate just over two years earlier for £4.3 million.

BFC’s executive decided to let go of ‘Unit A’ after the previous tenant had left the site “dilapidated”.

A decision on whether to allow bids for Unit C at Waterside Park is expected to be made by 18 June 2019.

The proposed sale of land at Winkfield Manor has also been listed on the council’s website, but few details have been disclosed for this proposal.

It is expected a decision on whether to list the land at Winkfield Manor for sale will be made by 18 June 2019 too.

BFC was approached for comment but declined to give more information at this time.