WOKINGHAM’S second-largest employer is set to expand after the council approved an extension of its site at Molly Millars Lane.

Intersurgical, a global manufacturer and supplier of medical devices, will extend its current headquarters at Brook House into the nearby ReadyPower House, which was acquired by the medical supplies company last year.

ReadyPower House will be demolished and a three-storey high rear extension will be developed in its place

Emily Temple, agent for the planning application, told councillors: “The company is proud to have its headquarters in Wokingham.

“The NHS is almost wholly reliant on the medical products Intersurgical produces.

“An extension in Wokingham is a fundamental part of the NHS’s growing needs.”

The plans will see an extra 58 car parking spaces created at the site and an overall net increase of 2352 m2 for the Intersurgical HQ.

Solar panels and silos are also set to be installed as part of the works.

No comments were received from Wokingham Town Council or from neighbours in support or in objection to the application.

Intersurgical has operated from Wokingham since 1997 and bought the adjacent house after Readypower moved its premises to the Winnersh Triangle in June 2018.

Councillor Carl Doran said it would be “crazy” not to support the company “in this climate” and a number of other councillors spoke in favour of the planning application.

The plans will see another 25 jobs created, with new employees joining an existing workforce of more than 400 people.

Committee member Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey added: “I appreciate the idea of more jobs in this area. With Brexit coming we may need more medical supplies.”

Councillor John Jarvis also said: “This is a very good opportunity for the business to improve.”

The planning application was approved after all eight of the council’s committee members voted in favour of it.

Later at the meeting, councillors approved an application to build ten three-bedroom semi-detached homes at what was formerly The Day Centre at South Lake Crescent in Woodley.

The site has been fenced off and unmaintained since the care home for dementia patients was demolished in 2017.

Four of the new homes will be made available as affordable housing whereas the other six will be available as social rental housing.

Woodley Town Council representative had told borough councillors about his fears for the danger of the parking situation at the site, but councillors unanimously approved the application.