A VOLCANO expert has been nominated by fellows in China for his extensive work in funding projects abroad.

Professor Martin Menzies from Ascot, will be awarded the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award at a ceremony in China later this year.

The nomination by Professor Xu YiGang from the Chinese Academy recognises Martin's extensive work in carrying out new research in geological evolution.

Martin said: "I feel like I have achieved something, but this started out as a hobby for me.

"I was always interested in looking at volcano's from a young age, so I think I have got what I wanted to achieve.

"Although, I am surrounded by people who are much more successful than me, I am still proud I have accomplished something."

"It is hugely rewarding to take on young people who are so ripe for learning and the Chinese have huge respect for all generations.

The pair agreed a strategic plan that would allow the training of young Chinese scientists and promote the international relationship between Royal Holloway university and the Chinese Academy.

The retired Royal Holloway university professor spoke of his work in visiting schools, such as Charters in Sunningdale to encourage children to take an interest in geology.

He added: "Kids have a fascination for fossils and volcano's and it is still important that they are interested in this.

"When you are employed at a university, there is an expectation to drive recruitment, so it is important that we encourage children to embrace what they are interested in."