STUDENTS from a school in Ascot have been treated to a series of book related events to celebrate World Book Day.

The Charters School in Sunningdale organised for year 9 girls to welcome author Holly Bourne, whose book called ‘Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes?’ was published last summer.

The book for young adults touches on the frailties of mental health and the pressures often experienced by females in the modern world.

Other activities included students in year 7 having the opportunity to meet author and screenwriter Andy Briggs who writes the and novels. He spoke to the students for an hour about his love of writing and how he believes he has ‘the coolest job in the world’.

He said: “As a writer it’s very easy to feel disconnected from your audience. I enjoy visiting schools as it connects me with those who read my books and it’s actually a great way to find out what excites this age group.”

Fay Brennan, a teacher at the school who organised the different events believes books should be used as more than just a learning tool.

She said: "Loving to read is so much more important than simply doing well in school.

"Books transport us to new worlds, introduce us to new characters and allow us to experience situations outside of our own lives. Books can entertain and inspire us, and we hope that we have done both this week.

"We have been incredibly lucky to celebrated World Book Day with two brilliant authors."

At the end of the week teachers dressed up as characters from the books that they loved to read as children.

World Book Day was on Thursday, March 7.

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