PLANS to convert Foundation Fitness Club into 13 homes in Sandhurst have been submitted to the council.

The fitness club would be converted into eight one-bedroom and five two-bedroom apartments following an extension of the roof.

It is hoped the new homes will “create a vibrant and sustainable scheme by maximising use of the site and building.”

However, Cavendish Park Residents Association (CPRA) has objected to the application, citing concerns with privacy given “several of our homes are already subject to clear line of vision from the windows of the gym”.

The CPRA has also outlined its issues with the target market for the sale of the flats, residents parking, and disruption from building works.

The site currently has drive-through access to the gym and should the plans be approved this access is planned to be retained.

A new access route would also be created at the back of the site, which would provide clearance to 2 of the one bedroom apartments.

There will be 15 parking spaces at the site, however, this is a net decrease of 8 spaces as there are currently 23 slots next to the fitness club.

The site is close to Camberley town centre and is 900 metres from Blackwater railway station.

Bracknell Forest Council validated the application on Wednesday, February 27 and it is currently pending consideration