A REWARD is being offered for anyone with information after a series of vandalism incidents at Sandhurst Memorial Park in Bracknell.

Sandhurst Town Council are offering to give £200 in exchange for information after a public information board and a well-used public bench were both damaged on Saturday, February 23.

A week later on Saturday, March 2 the children’s play equipment was vandalised and several broken glass bottles were dumped, which the council believe could have harmed children.

Councillor John Porter, chairman of Sandhurst Town Council’s Leisure Committee, said: “Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.

"Sandhurst Memorial Park is for everyone’s use and for the mindless people who think it is ok to ruin facilities that law abiding people should be able to use, then know that we will not put up with it.

“Our recent criminal prosecution following damage to the park’s entrance gate proves that we will not hesitate to take action."

In July last year the town the town council successfully prosecuted a visitor who was responsible for the wooden access gate being completely destroyed following a vehicle driving across the field.

It resulted in the offender paying more than £2,000 for destroying public property.

Sandhurst Town Council are offering the reward for information regarding the two incidents.

Mr Porter added: “A £200 reward has now been issued for anyone who has information that leads to a prosecution of those responsible.

“As our much publicised 3Rs campaign illustrates, people can’t expect to have rights without earning the respect and responsibility that go with it.

“We’d like everyone in the area to appreciate the facilities offered and respect them as the huge majority of people do.”