ASCOT Racecourse has made some big changes to its style guide for 2019, with cross-dressers welcome.

Racegoers are used to putting on their finest attire for the annual event, which runs from June 18-22 this year.

Under the changes, women will be allowed to dress like men and vice versa – as long as they stick to the new policy.

This year's Royal Enclosure dress code says gentleman must wear black or grey morning dress, with a waistcoat and tie.

Ladies are not allowed to wear strapless and off-the-shoulder dresses, while midriffs have to be covered and fascinators are also banned.

Men and women will be 'asked to comply with the dress code in which they feel most comfortable'.

While in previous years there has been no official style guide for the Windsor Enclosure, now female attendees are requested to wear fascinators, as with other enclosures.

Royal Ascot has put in place strict dress codes since the early 19th century.

Last year, the event broke with convention by allowing racegoers to wear jumpsuits in the Royal Enclosure for the first time.

Organisers also announced they would try to draw in a new breed of visitors by putting on a 'party atmosphere' and a 'more vibrant feel'.