A CARE home is hosting a campaign week to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating as people get older.

Gracewell of Ascot on Burleigh Road, will be opening their kitchens to the public to serve healthy food to care home residents, friends and the public from March 17 to 24.

A campaign will be launched to educate the residents on nutritional and healthy foods and a tasty meal prepared by the head chef will be provided.

Stella Putt, general manager at Gracewell of Ascot, said: "Diet is a huge part of life at Gracewell and this is a very exciting initiative for us.

"Each year, Gracewell aims to raise awareness of food and hydration for older people, via the Taste of Gracewell campaign.

"The idea is to showcase the high quality meals that are prepared by our dedicated and talented chefs every day and to educate people about the dining experience."

The health care facility will also be hosting celebrations for St Patrick's Day on March 17, providing a traditional spread of Irish food, a local musician to entertain guests with dancing and a pint of Guinness.

Stella added: "The key to getting food and nutrition right is respecting the diversity of residents and their care needs.

"It is important that care homes individually tailor their nutrition provision to the individual.

"There are so many things we can do to approach dietary requirements and ensure that residents are eating healthy and nourishing food; from being aware of residents changing food patterns as they age and using fresh ingredients, to pushing boundaries of food innovation."

Call 01344937800 to take part in the event.