PARENTS played the role as a teacher by leading life-skill based activities for pupils to gain a unique diploma.

LVS Ascot Infant and Junior pupils took part in the schools Learning Power Week from February 11 to 15.

The event encouraged students as young as four to learn about risk taking, resilience, confidence, independence and curiosity.

Rachel Cox, Head of LVS Ascot Infant and Junior school, said: "Our diploma is a very unique and rewarding way for young pupils to develop key skills.

"Learning Power Week helped them work towards the diploma in a really engaging way."

Louise Holmes who has a daughter in year four, gave a demonstration about the work Berkshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team carry out.

She brought in Risk and Diesel to the playground to get pupils to hide, while the search and rescue dogs find them.

At the start of the programme, values such as risk taking and resilience were demonstrated through science experiments and public auditions for the schools Young Musician of the Year.

Career talks were also held by jewellery designers Mrs Andrews and Mrs Southam and a pilot, Mr Jenner, who spoke about his experiences of flying planes and how to land a career in the aviation industry.

Children were also led through an obstacle course whilst blindfolded to develop team building skills and independence by leading one another.

Finally, a poetry and dance competition allowed pupils to demonstrate their creative skills.

Mindfulness was also explored through empathy and self reflection; rounding off an engaging week of life-skills to tick off for the future.

Rachel added: "All our pupils learned a lot of new things, worked together and had fun along the way which fits perfectly with our ethos."