RESIDENTS have raised concerns over the lack of street lighting at night time after a woman was raped on Roby Drive a month ago.

One man feels particularly 'worried' that another incident like this could happen if the street lighting doesn't get fixed.

Joel Peddie, campaigning for street lighting, said: "It is worrying for a few reasons. During the winter months it gets pitch black due to a lack of other light sources and tree coverage.

"There are a number of possible innocent scenarios where someone could get hurt, along with more sinister problems." However, head of highways asset management at Bracknell Forest Council (BFC), said: "We are aware of the defective street lighting along the footpath leading from Bagshot Road Footbridge to Coral Reef and have been working hard to rectify this.

"We have reported the fault to Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) on a number of occasions as we are no permitted to carry out work on the type of cable in place.

BFC have said they will carry out the works to avoid delay and estimate the street lights will be restored within the next 10 days.

Anthony Radford-Foley, head of highway asset management, said: "A site meeting was arranged between SSE and the council and our contractor to determine who was responsible for repairing the fault. However, to avoid any further delay we have made the decision to take on the work ourselves.

"It is safe and lawful for the work to be carried out by our contractor.

"We estimate the street lights will be restored within the next 10 working days and we apologise that the fault has taken longer to fix than we originally planned."

An SSE spokesman confirmed the meeting was carried out and they were not responsible for fixing the street light as it was a private network.