A RESIDENTS new fitness studio encourages women to weight lift and improve their health.

The studio in the Forest Park Community Centre, Bracknell is used as a space to teach women how to weight lift and introduces them to the advantages of lifting.

Best Life Basics was created by Marla Murry and its programme called Ladies Learn To Lift. Marla believes that not many women know about the positive outcomes of the sport.

She said: “Most members are absolute beginners, who have never done any sort of weight lifting, but have become aware of the benefits, and have been seeking a safe place to learn and train.

“Ladies Learning To Lift, teaches basic lifting, many who are new to the sport are first coached on mobility and flexibility before it is safe for them to begin any real lifting.”

The fitness classes are designed to focus on strength rather than weight and uses body composition as an indicator of good health.

In April one of the members will be competing in their first power lifting event.

Marla added: “We are all excited and cannot wait to see some of our other members take up other challenges.”

For more information about the classes, visit: http://www.bestlifebasics.co.uk/.