SCHOOLCHILDREN will be encouraged to make healthier decisions and resist the temptation of a takeaway thanks to a helpful project.

The Nightingale Class at Cheapside School will be visiting The Thatched Tavern in Ascot on March 25 to enjoy a tasty meal with their parents.

The idea of the visit, which is part of the Growing Together Project, is to give pupils ideas to take home with them and discourage them from eating junk food.

Menu cards will be available on the night for families to take home with them to give them inspiration on ways to replace convenient options.

The Growing Together Project revolves around food, health and the environment and is encouraging children to broaden their understanding of the world around them through a series of initiatives.

It has been designed to help children and families grow together and learn how to make better choices for healthier, sustainable futures.

The programme will run for one year with the Nightingales Class of Year 3 pupils at Cheapside.

They will have a teaching and learning session once a month with either gardening enthusiast John Cross or TV Zoologist George McGavin.

While some of the sessions will take place at the school, the children will also have the opportunity to expand their learning outdoors.