SCHOOL girls received a special visit from a falconry centre to learn about owls - inside and out.

The Feathers and Fur Falconry centre in Hare Hatch, visited year four pupils at The Marist School to teach them all there is to know about the birds.

A variety of owls were on display for the children to hold, such a tiny owl and barn owl as part of their cross-curricular topic, 'Into the Woods'.

Jane Gow, vice principal of the preparatory phase, said: "The delight and sense of awe was just beautiful to see on the faces of our children.

"It was one of those special experiences when the power of direct first hand experimental learning was clearly evident."

As well as learning many interesting facts, and looking at a long eared owl and snowy owl, the year 4 pupils also dissected a pellet to learn what is inside.

Some of the girls found the skulls of mice and other small animals from the remnants of the birds dinner.

The Berkshire Feathers and Fur Falconry Centre has a collection of hawks, falcons and owls to allow people to learn about the birds of prey.