BRACKNELL Town FC's chairman says he and his family have been the victim of a 'persistent attack' from members of the community over a long-running feud.

Last week, the News reported that the Robins could be set to move away from Larges Lane, with Kayne Steinborn-Busse facing criticism from neighbours.

He believes the 'targeted hostility' and verbal attacks have been the result of him showing support for a joint venture with Ranelagh School, in a bid to enhance opportunities for young people.

The battle between the football club and residents looks set to continue and the chairman believes 'dirty tricks and tactics' could force them to out.

Steinborn-Busse said: "We have had multiple noise complaints in the last 12 months, whereby all noise complaints centre around young people playing football on a football pitch in a safe and secure environment.

"It is really concerning to think we have upset people to this degree, where will they stop?

"When will the verbal attacks cross over to physical? It’s really not very nice and to think this is all because a football club is offering enhanced opportunities for youth football teams to play in a safe environment; just crazy."

The chairman has already earmarked a potential new site for the club, with unrest from parts of the community becoming a daily occurrence.

Plans for a multi-use games area were put forward by Bracknell Town and Ranelagh School back in December, but the proposal was withdrawn before it could be heard by the council.

The club has been at the same ground since the 1930s, but Steinborn-Busse fears the unhappy residents 'will get their wish' and push them to a new home.

He added: "It is really difficult. Some of our neighbours are lovely and we have great dialogue when we see them.

"However, we do also get some very targeted hostility, which is not nice when you know in your heart you are doing something that is so good for so many of the town's young.

"Our youth team parents even get verbally attacked at weekends by several very angry residents for parking in areas where you are actually legally allowed to park.

"It is so crazy, the community spirit appears to have completely disappeared in some quarters. They are now so blindly angry that they are losing all sight of reality."