BRACKNELL Forest Council say toilet door incident could have been caused by strong winds, after a resident was left horrified.

Muriel Gater from Wooden Hill, Bracknell went to use the toilets at the side of the Birch Hill shops when the door came crashing down on Friday, February 8.

She said: “As I pulled the door to, it fell off hurting my arm as it wrenched it but more worryingly it would have killed anyone if they had been walking past. The area is normally really busy.”

“I saw someone I know after the event and they said there was a sign on the door saying not to use the toilet, however I feel the council are negligent as at that point they should have either secured it shut or totally removed it.”

Muriel was worried that the door could have harmed more people.

She said: “When I went to use the toilet if there was a sign I didn't see it as the door was open. It's really shaken me up to think someone, or several people, could have been killed, or at very least been seriously injured.”

A spokesmen from Bracknell Forest Council, said: “The council's cleaning contractor was informed that the external toilet door to the ladies toilets in Birch Hill had blown off its hinges in the very strong winds on the morning of Friday, 8 February and immediately went to the site.

“We then arranged for a door specialist to fix the door and this was completed by 5pm.

“We are sorry to hear someone has hurt themselves when closing the door. We are undertaking a thorough investigation into this matter as there was no indication that the door was faulty in any way when it was opened that morning.

“As part of the investigation we will look into whether the strong winds from Storm Erik affected the integrity of the door when it was left open prior to the incident by a member of the public.”

Muriel is worried that if the doors are used in other places they could cause the same incident.