OWNERS with anxious dogs are being urged to wear a yellow collar to alert other owners their pet is fearful and needs space.

Sarah Beckley-Jones from Binfield, came to understand that her Cocker Spaniel Bella was fearful of other dogs as she was attacked a couple of times in the past.

Due to his, Bella became fearful of strangers which meant she didn't like being touched.

Her dog agility trainer informed her about using a yellow ribbon as it signifies that the dog needed space.

However, Sarah found that more needed to be done to understand the concept of dogs wearing yellow so she decided to make her own product.

She said: "A lot of people do not understand the concept of a yellow ribbon, yellow is the official colour of warning so making something bigger for dogs to wear will make it stand out more.

Owners can purchase a harness which has the words 'Anxious' inprinted and makes it clear to other owners to be cautious around your dog.

The 52-year-old added: "I absolutely love the concept, people notice it now and the scenario has totally changed.

"People used to look at Bella and give her a funny look if she snarled at another dog and now if a dog approaches her, the owner will say sorry.

"It fills me with more confidence when I'm taking her out for a walk."

Sarah will be taking part in the Newbury All About Dogs Show on April 13-14.