SCHOOL children in Winkfield have been taking part in farming activates to address environmental issues.

Pupils from the Lambrook School in Winkfield, Bracknell have been taking part in a farming activity project.

The initiative involved building flower beds to grow vegetables, which will be used to produce meals for the students. A total of 250 tree saplings have also been planted to produce a new woodland area in the future.

Ben Green, a teacher at the school, said: “At Lambrook, we recognise the need to be addressing and educating our children in these issues, and we are keen to address climate change, improve air quality for our children, to provide habitats for wildlife and improve the soil quality.

“Our young farmers have worked extremely hard using the slit method to plant the saplings. We have planted a range of tree varieties, including oak and cherry, and the saplings currently sit in their protective wrapping to prevent them from being eaten by deer.”

The students also built a chicken coop and part of the project will involve getting chickens, with the aim of using the eggs produced.

Later this year the school hope to get some pigs for the children to look after, for more information visit: