A strike by GMWU members in 1983 was beginning to cause water supply issues in the Bracknell area, as it continued into its second week.

Over 400 homes in the Birch Hill area were without water, leaving residents queuing at road side standpipes to get water, and three local schools had been forced to close.

Previously, 700 houses in Great Hollands were cut off when an 18-inch water main burst, the water authority then took the view that: ‘the size of the leak had increased the risk to public health to an unacceptable level’.

Negotiations were then carried out with local union officials, and with access to cross pickets granted, the repair work was undertaken immediately.

The new seat belt laws came into force 36 years ago and the catchy slogan for the safety campaign was:” Clunk click, every trip” or face a £50 fine.

Sgt Bob Adams of Bracknell Police told the News:” We see the dangers of not wearing a seat belt whilst driving and we want to protect the public, the statistics prove it is safer to wear one.”

The new regulations also applied to front seat passengers, Denny and Sandy Lloyd of Ashvale, told the News:” We always wear our seatbelts anyway, the new law is a good idea.”

Soldiers from REME training centre in Arborfield, gave a full-scale ceremonial send-off to their retiring commanding officer, Colonel Leo B Taylor.

Colonel Taylor, who had served for 27 years, was leaving to take up a post in ‘civvy street’ in Northamptonshire, he had been the C/O of the headquarters for two-and-a-half years.

A special guard of honour was inspected before he left the school in a Land-Rover, which had been used on previous ceremonial occasions by HRH Prince Philip.

Wokingham water ace Rick Frost, of Nashgrove Lane, won the Formula 3 Powerboat World Series in September of 1982, but he had to wait a few months to get his hands on the trophy.

After an exciting season, when Rick competed in six European countries, he was off on a special trip to Paris to receive the silverware from Jean Claude of Aspen, the sponsors of the World Series.

Since taking to the water six years before, Rick had won the European Championship, British Grand Prix and five other top trophies, and is hoping to move up to Formula 1 later in the year.

A huge consignment of 78 rpm records was on its way to South Hill Park to become the star attraction at a musical jumble sale.

The donor of the vinyl, pianist Juliet Bruce and her husband David Nokes, from Crowthorne, had set up an appeal to buy a new grand piano for recitals at South Hill Park.

They were hoping the musical jumble sale would make a significant contribution to the £11,500 needed to purchase the piano.

The South East Berkshire Scouts were rehearsing for their ‘Gang Show’ with a cast of 80 Cubs, Scouts, Guides and Rangers drawn from Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Binfield, Bracknell and Ascot.

Show producer promised all who came that:” This show will be fun, not only for the cast, but the audience as well.”