A CEREMONY was held to recognise the hard work and achievement of the police during their year of carrying out investigations and policing high profile events.

Thames Valley Police staff were commended for contributing to the county lines campaign, regionally and nationally.

As well as this, officers were recognised for their work in complex fraud investigations and helping at prolific events, such as covering the Royal Wedding.

Chief Inspector Pete Dalton, Assistant Chief Constable Dave Hardcastle, Superintendent Jim Weems and Detective Inspector Joanne Hutchings all received an award for his work on the operation of policing the special royal day.

A team of four officers and a member of staff were commemorated for their work in two complex fraud cases, which looked into 200 crimes across seven regions.

The investigation led to a total loss of £3m to victims. Due to the complexity of the case, their work has been awarded for their sheer dedication of convicting 33 people.

Moreover, two team members were awarded for helping to identify vulnerable people who were exploited by organised criminal groups.

Assistant Chief Constable John Campbell, said: "Today is definitely a celebratory day, showcasing all of your achievements.

"You should all be proud of what you have done.

"To family and friends, you are also a part of the TVP family through the love and support you show. Thank you very much. Without you we couldn't do our jobs."