Sarah Kerr has been elected as borough councillor for Evendons in a landslide victory.

The Liberal Democrats candidate succesfully defended the seat, triumphing over second placed Daniel Clawson (Conservative) by more than 700 votes.

Speaking to The News after the result was announced, Sarah Kerr said: “I’m really excited, happy, tired, shocked, all sorts, I’m shaking actually.”

When asked what she hopes she can bring to the council as Evendons representative, she said: “A voice, some balance as well, and good representation - someone who is prepared to listen and do their absolute best to stand up for the community.”

Sarah Kerr secured 1441 votes (63.1 per cent of the vote), beating Daniel Clawson with 729 votes (31.9 per cent) and Tim LLoyd with 115 votes (5 per cent). Nine votes were spoiled.

The turnout for the by-election was 33 per cent.

Helen Power stepped down as Liberal Democrats councillor for the Evendons ward in January having been diagnosed with incurable cancer in 2018, shortly after she had secured the seat for the Lib Dems at the local elections in May last year.

When asked if she had mixed feelings in securing party colleague and friend Helen Power’s former seat, Sarah Kerr told The News: “I was planning to stand in May next to Helen and this was not supposed to be about taking Helen’s seat, so there’s a lot more at stake than when I originally agreed to stand as a candidate.

“That’s why the emotions have been up and down. I’ve wanted to be excited also felt that I can’t be as well because of the circumstances.”

Voting took place at the council’s Shute End offices and Woosehill Community Church from 7am - 10pm on Thursday, February 7.

The result was announced by council officer Andrew Moulton at 11.29pm in front of councillors, campaigners and friends and family of the candidates.

The other Evendons ward seat is currently held by Cllr Chris Bowring (Conservative) but the seat is up for election, along with 17 others, in May.

Liberal Democrats leader Cllr Lindsay Ferris told The News: “I have mixed feelings from the absolute pleasure of winning but also a tinge of sadness that we had the by-election called in the first place, with Helen Power being so unwell.

“I would dedicate this victory to Helen for all the work she did last year.

“Sarah put in tremendous work - she was helping Helen last year and has now been given such an overwhelming majority in Evendons and I really do thank the residents’ kindness in Wokingham.”