NB: A version of this article originally ran on Bracknell News on Tuesday, February 5 but was removed after the Wokingham Conservative Association was approached for comment by The News through the incorrect communication channels.

The Wokingham Conservative Association (WCA) has denied posting adverts on one of its Facebook pages that did not include information about who paid for the promotions.

Facebook’s advertising page states that a Facebook post set up by the WCA for the Evendons Conservative Team Newsline page in late January was “taken down”.

Under Facebook’s rules, all political adverts must be accompanied by a label which signposts who paid for the adverts.

A Facebook notice published on the advertising section related to ECTN’s page read: “This ad ran without a "Paid for by" label. After the ad started running, we determined that the ad was related to politics and issues of national importance and required the label. The ad was taken down.”

But the WCA’s Fraser McFarland told The News the advert was “rejected immediately” after the advert allegedly went through a checks and balances process first, which involved notifying the social network that the advert was political.

Facebook’s advertising page also shows insights into how many people allegedly interacted with the supposed advert, indicating it had “1k-5k impressions”.

McFarland said: “We can’t explain why it says that”.

The page now has a new advert running, featuring a video of the Conservative candidate for the Evendons ward Daniel Clawson, which discloses that the advert was paid for by the Wokingham Conservative Association.

The new advert went live on Monday, February 4.