THAMES valley police called out a shopper on social media after they criticised the force's work ethic.

After grabbing a sandwich from a Tesco store in Bracknell; a shopper said to the police that they should be out 'patrolling' instead of buying lunch.

Police on twitter called out the 'rude' shopper with how many jobs they had attended that day prior to having a small break.

Thames Valley Police Bracknell, said: "Stopped to get food at Tesco couple of hours ago and told by a rather rude shopper we should not be buying food, we should be out patrolling the roads.

If only he knew tonight we covered 100 plus miles in treacherous conditions.

"[We have] been to six road traffic collisions, dozens of broken down vehicles and rescued an eight week old baby from a vehicle on its side.

"I think I have earned my toilet stop and sandwich. First food since lunch time."

Followers on Twitter responded to their tweet with supportive comments to thank their hard work.

Thames Valley Police then thanked Twitter followers for supporting the police after the rude comment they had received, saying that it 'makes their job a little a bit easier'.