A concerned Wokingham father was surprised to receive a letter from Sir David Attenborough after launching a blog focused on the problem of plastic pollution.

David Lamont, from Spencers Wood, started the blog in December and created an accompanying Facebook page, Plastic Free Home - simple changes we can all make.

He has achieved a monthly reach of 74,108 people (views), with 23,987 engagements (clicks, likes or shares).

"Our impact on the planet is something that has bothered me for a long time," said David.

"Having visited countries like Costa Rica and Iceland, I have seen what is possible and been further reminded how beautiful and precious the natural world is.

"Since having children I have thought even more about the issue and I would like the planet we pass onto them to be a healthier one than it is today."

Mr Lamont said that watching David Attenborough's recent speech at the UN climate change summit was the tipping point for him because it brought home how imminent the global risks and challenges are.

Speaking about the letter he received from popular wildlife expert, Mr Lamont said: "I was hugely surprised and very touched that Sir David responded, and so quickly - in little over a week.

"He is one of a kind, an absolute inspiration and living legend. He's a voice we should certainly be listening to more keenly about our planet."

He added: "I decided to write a blog to share simple thoughts, ideas and news around the issue in the hope that it may also encourage others to think differently and to make small but worthwhile differences.

"I've been blown away by the number of people who have got involved in Plastic Free Home and continue to share their own experiences and to ask questions.

"We now have users across the UK, including many other local groups focused on the issue, and as far afield as the USA and Romania.

"I hope that the blog will continue to grow into a valuable online community and resource for those keen to find out how they can make a difference with small and simple changes in everyday life."

Visit David's Facebook page here.