A Sandhurst underpass, that had become an eyesore after being daubed with graffiti, was set to become a canvas for graffiti artists in 1990.

In a move to cut the sprawl of ‘street art’ in other parts of the town, councillors had given the green light to the proposal to make the underpass, in Rackstraw Road, to local youths who had claimed their exploits were an artform.

Bracknell Borough Council environment officer, Alan Stanton, told the News: There will be people who say this is a mistake, some of the youngsters work is very attractive, and it is an option that I and the council feel is worth a try.”

Residents of Ravenswood village had a lucky escape 29 years ago, when a coach they were due to board, was crushed by a tree, moments before they were due to depart.

The huge tree was felled by high winds and struck a glancing blow the side of a laundry building, and then flattened the coach, which had been donated by the Variety Club.

Many day trips and functions had to be cancelled, and the Ravenswood Foundation held emergency talks to come up with fund raising ideas to buy a new bus.

Spokesperson, Osman Mahaboo, told the News:” The van was due to be used when the tree fell down, if it had happened when it was full of passengers it would have been a terrible tragedy.”

Crownwood Boxing Club got “ready to rumble” in 1990, with a night of bouts at Broadmoor Social Club, in front of a large crowd of the young fighter’s family and friends.

Chris Howarth, who was already through to the semi-finals of the National Schoolboys competition, won his fight, on a points decision, against Gilzennon from Royston BC.

Two youngsters from Bracknell Boys Club, Lee Lovejoy and his brother Clive, were narrowly defeated by their opponents, and Dave Cross (Crownwood) had his fight stopped after he was floored.

A new play area and park in Crowthorne was opened by Bracknell’s Borough Mayor after the wooded area had been donated to the borough by Wellington College.

Chaucer Wood, off Fielding Gardens, had recently had a footpath laid through it for easier access, was made up of pine, yew and oak trees.

Mayor Cheney was joined by representatives of the college, local community groups and builders Higgs and Hill as he officially opened the new site.

Plans for John Nike’s brand new ‘alpine-style’ 205-bedroomed hotel were given the thumbs-up at a development meeting in 1990.

The £10 million construction was due to be completed within two years and will as well as the hotel there would be a disco, restaurant, swimming pool, gym, coffee lounge and conference area.

Rev Margaret Clarke, from Easthampstead, made history when she was appointed Honorary Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford.

Speaking to the News, Rev Clarke admitted:” I feel very humble and proud, it is a recognition of the Women’s Ministry.”