Controversial plans for 41 homes in Warfield are set to be decided on by the council.

Proposals for the scheme outline designs for 14 affordable homes, equalling almost 35 per cent of the dwellings.

A planning statement showed that six of the homes would be one-bedroom houses, twelve would be two-bedrooms, fifteen would be three-bedrooms and eight would be four or more bedrooms.

The application read: “Internally the site has been planned to create visual interest and a strong sense of place within a parkland setting centred on mature feature oak trees, with informal clusters of dwellings and a sinuous informal road layout.

“The proposal therefore creates a sense of identity and interest at its centre and reflects the silvan character of the site and its surroundings.”

However, four objections have been received by the council with some claiming the proposals breach national planning policies.

One wrote: “This whole area is being completely destroyed by overdevelopment. The green spaces that make living here desirable are being covered over by greedy developers who just don’t know when to stop.

“The traffic is horrendous and is only going to get worse. The wildlife is disappearing often seen panicked running down the road or hit by traffic. Please no more development.”

If the application receives one more objection it would be set to be decided by the council’s planning committee.

The site is near to two listed buildings, Newell Hall and St Michael’s Grange, and despite the objections, one letter of support was received from Kathryn Dowlath, the CEO of Harrison Housing, owner of land next to Newell Hall.

Her letter read: “As a neighbouring landowner, we would like to express support for the planning application.

“Bracknell Forest is an area of high demand and it seems appropriate that a development of this scale should be accepted in this location.”

The site is 4.5 hectares large and is located to the north of Warfield Street and to the east of Osborne Lane in Warfield and on the opposite side of Osborne Lane is Warfield Memorial Field and its children’s play area.

There are several oak trees preserved by tree protection orders near Warfield Street and most of the structures are set to be retained, with one tree proposed to be removed from within the site.

The buildings would be two storeys high with either plain tile or slate roofs and red and orange facing brick.

The site is within a 30-minute walk of Bracknell town centre, leisure facilities, Tesco Superstore and three primary schools.