POLICE are reminding residents to be wary of cold callers after a couple in Ascot were hassled for thousands of pounds for work they had not asked for.

A woman was approached by someone who claimed he was returning to complete work organised by her husband.

She then saw two men working on her driveway in the afternoon and asked them to stop filling in potholes.

They said they would finish what they were doing, as it was free, in preparation for the tarmacking. Later she saw they had done more work, but had left.

A man returned the next day, asking for £5,800 to complete the work, after he had initially told them it would costs £1,500.

A police spokesman said: "Fortunately, these two residents were strong and secure enough, to say no - go away and don’t come back, we are giving you nothing as we did not ask to have the work done.

"Others may not have felt so confident, feeling vulnerable and paid what they asked.

"Please, never let anyone start work, unless you have requested them to do it, have an estimate and a written contract."

The man in question is described as tanned, with brown hair and in his early 30s.

He was of a medium build, wearing chinos, a jumper and a hi-viz jacket.

Call 101 if you have any concerns about suspicious activity in your area.