A SPONSORSHIP deal with local businesses has secured minibuses for Charters School for a second-year running.

The New Year has started on a positive note for Charters School in Sunningdale, Ascot as two local businesses have agreed to provide minibuses for another year.

The minibuses are important for the school as they are regularly used to transport students to sporting events, trips and enrichment activities.

Richard Pilgrim Headteacher said: "Charters is a community school and we are proud of the support given to use by our parents and local businesses, especially when we can reciprocate in a mutually beneficial way. 

"The sponsorship of our minibuse by OrlandoAttractions.com and Ascot Travel is extremely welcome and will enable us to provide more opportunties for students to participate in out of hours activities and attend community events." 

OrlandoAttractions.com and Ascot Travel House will have their names displayed on the vehicles for the next 12 months.

Simon Everett, UK manager of the two companies said: "OrlandoAttractions.com and Ascot Travel House are very pleased to be supporting Charters School for the 2nd year.

"The partnership has meant that we have benefited from our name being spoken about in the school community."

The new logos on the buses will splash a bit of colour and highlight the financial contribution from the businesses.