AN elderly man died after suffering a fatal spinal fracture caused by falling out of his bed in Bracknell, an inquest heard.

Ian Mackay, 87 died on September 2 as a result of a fatal spinal fracture.

Mrs Heidi Connor, coroner at Reading Town Hall read a statement from Stephen Pithers, a paramedic at South Central Ambulance Service who attended the patient.

He said: "We arrived at the ground floor flat and discovered he had slipped out of bed.

"There were no injuries at the time and he was in no obvious pain. He was able to stand but did feel weak and appeared confused." The patient was examined by Dr Hassan Alsibahi at Frimley Park Hospital where Mr Mackay passed away.

He said: "The cause of his death were pneumonia based on a chest scan and a cervical spine fracture.

"Deepest condolences to Mr Mackay's family."