A FISHING course aimed to get young people engaged in the local environment has seen a "massive step forward" in projects becoming a success in communities.

The project created by Bracknell Town Council and funded by The Satellite Club and Get Berkshire Active began at Jeans Pond at Braybrooke Recreation Ground taking on 11-24 year-olds on a six week course to gain an Angling Trust qualification.

The aim of the project was to give local people the opportunity to engage in activities that are rewarding, educational and involved them in taking advantage of the nature that is available around them.

Danny Williams Bracknell Town Council environment warden said: "I would like to thank everyone who supported this project.

"The positive impact it has had on these young peoples lives is amazing and it is something they can carry forward with them and buid upon. We hope to see them all again in the future." 

At first, students were disinterested from fishing being put off by touching the bait and fish but after a few weeks of teaching from Bracknell Town Environment wardens and qualified Angling coaches, these students were completely engaged and at the end of the course wanted to fish by themselves.

The course ran for six weeks, tailored for students who have additional needs and autism and every single student who completed the course was offered a free fishing club membership for a year.

In total, 71 students took part and over half applied to joint the main fishing club which is a 'massive step forward'.

Another project is planned later this year, hoping to take on participants to help improve the facilities at the clubs home site.