A MEETING held in Wokingham taught residents to think about changing their life permanently rather than making a traditional New Year resolution.

Heidi Strickland-Clark, hosted her annual New Year event Let Us Make 2019 Our Healthiest Year Yet last weekend on Saturday, January 5 at Hilton St Anne's Hotel, Wokingham.

Guests were asked to think about what they want to do with the year ahead and how they can be happy with their lifestyle.

Heidi Strickland-Clark said: “The event provides a way for people to think about the New Year without it just being about resolutions and I’m quite anti resolution.

“I’m about people using it as a chance to change their life permanently rather than thinking that there is something wrong with them.”

Dr Lindsay Browning, a sleep Doctor discussed how the right amount of sleep can positively impact health and gave tips on what residents should do when struggling to sleep.

Dr Kelly- Jane Mclaughlin, from Dynamic Family Chiropractic shared with the group a range of daily exercises designed to keep the body healthy all year round.

Heidi added: “I really want people to feel happy and feel healthy despite how much they weigh and what their clothe size is.

“people tend to be striving for this big weight loss goal, which makes them more depressed. I ask people to think about what’s going to make them happy and have a good year.

"If I can help get one person to change their behaviour then it’s been a result."

This is the sixth year Heidi has organized the event, she also runs an outdoor Fast Track Fitness Camp in the Wokingham Borough for more information visit https://fasttrack-fitcamp.co.uk/group-fitness/.