A CHILDREN'S book author who appeared at Wokingham Children's Book Festival last year has revealed her exciting plans for the future of writing and the importance of getting children to read more.

Carol Otieno who lives in Bracknell, introduced her second book Monty goes Boating to children at the festival which had proved to be a 'much loved success'.

The children's author, from South London took the plunge in 2013 by changing her career and following her passion for writing after taking inspiration from her two children to write a book - 'The Move'.

Carol said: "I'm hoping to introduce another book into the series after they both became so successful, schools love it and so do my friends and family.

"The book series is about children growing up and going on their own adventure in life. The characters meet different people, make friends and this is a true reflection about what kids are like these days."

The 44-year-old has made her own personal touch in the books by discussing themes like change. She described that when she moved house, everything was different as she had to make new friends and this is a reflection of the characters in the book who make new friends along the way.

She added: "It can be so hard for children growing up as that is a change in itself. Not many kids like change so hopefully through the books it makes the idea fun and bearable."

The author also talked about the importance of reading and writing.

"Reading is so important and we need to encourage children to read, it is about having imagination and being creative. It is true that less children are reading so I also want to incorporate games to engage kids like a board game or something - it will be a challenge but worth it.

"My primary goal is on the books as to me that is essential. My three children are what inspire me and they're totally interested in the book and taken away by the pictures."

Carol hopes to return to the book festival for another year and inspire more young minds.