The SUNNINGHILL wheelbarrow race celebrated its 21st year on January 1, with entrants dressed in fancy dress whilst racing in a wheelbarrow. 

Organised by the Rotary Club of Ascot, the race is held annually where members of the community gather and dress up in whacky costumes to race on a course through the village raising money for charity. 

Robin Pickup, organiser of the Wheelbarrow event said: "It was a fantastic day, everyone really enjoyed it and it was really well liked by the huge amount of spectators that watched the race.

The race saw over 20 teams compete; all dressed up in extravagant costumes and racing in a small group to raise just over £8,000 for charity. 

Robin said: "We like to guarantee £7,000 for the Day Centre charity and any extra money goes to other local charities. 

"This annual event is great because it supports voluntary, self supported organisations which relies on voluntary money and work supported by donations. It really makes a big difference and keeps the Day Centre going." 

First prize went to Maya - the fastest men's team which completed the course in 10 minutes and a second. Webb Riders came second and The Greatest Showwomen finished in third. The best fancy dress award was presented to The Hope Trust Sings Oliver. 

Breakfast was served by St Michaels Primary School raising £350 for the charity.

The Sunningill Comrades Club also hosted the celebratory raffle awards and a tasty barbecue served up meat and vegetarian burgers.